Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Generation "Text Message"

Have you ever noticed the sense of urgency a teenager feels to check and return text messages? I think it defies the laws of human decency at times. They could be in the middle of a deep conversation or eating out at a fancy restaurant and your teenager will realize a text message has been received and pull out their phone to read and respond.

There's a similar sense of urgency that comes with being a good salesperson. Successful sales people understand that timing is important and that customers like to be responded to quickly. They understand that the customer can go elsewhere and so the sooner and better they respond to a customer need, the higher the odds of closing the sale.

Wonder if the the "Text Message" generation will make good sales people? If this sense of urgency to respond to people quickly is carried over into the business world then I bet so. It's an interesting thought.


B-Money said...

Hey Zan, just discovered your blog the other day, thanks for all the great content! So here's a though, how can we use text messages as another tool in the sales arsenal. Should we?

Zan Jones, Founder of Sales JaZ said...

Interesting idea, B-Money. Unlike SPAM emails, I believe people are more likely to read every single text message they receive. A text message campaign can be very effective and should be explored as a marketing option. In my personal opinion, it falls under the category of a telemarketing call to my cell phone number which I don't like.