Thursday, November 24, 2011

How You Can Make Customers Feel Like It's Black Friday Every Day of the Week

  1. Be too busy to greet your customers when they enter your place of business.
  2. Make sure customers have to wait to make their purchase or talk to you about their needs.
  3. Let your phone ring 5 or 6 times - don't be in a hurry to answer it. Better yet, let calls go to voicemail so you can listen to them later.
  4. Make sure people feel anxious and in a hurry when they arrive at your place of business. Let them know that you have other things to do.
  5. Put off training new employees on how to help customers or how to make customer needs a priority. After all, your employees have a particular job to do and don't need to be sidetracked by helping customers or clients.
  6. Be rigid with your product or service offerings. You really don't have time to accommodate any special client needs.
I'm glad Black Friday is only one day a year. Make sure it doesn't last any longer than one day at your business.

Happy Thanksgiving!