Thursday, September 30, 2010

Know When to Zip it!

Have you ever been excited that a client you are working with finally decided to sign up and buy from you? Remember that as soon as a prospective client agrees to sign your contract, writes you a check or says, "I'd like to order 50," then it's time to stop talking. Don't discuss anything else. Not the weather. Not your kid's birthday party. Nothing. Nada. Zip it!!!

I'll never forget one of my sales managers who was in such a hurry to leave our customer's office after the sale that he knocked their clock off the wall and then stepped on it! Without saying a word he picked it up, brushed if off, hung it back on the wall and practically ran out of the office with me tagging along.

It's natural to be excited about making a sale or getting an order - but resist the urge to make idle chit chat as you leave your client's office or as he leaves your office. You could give your client a reason to change his mind. But if you happen to knock his clock off the wall and step on it I'd open my mouth long enough to apologize!