Monday, July 20, 2009

Lessons from the Donut Shop

I love the donut shop near my house. (I know it's technically spelled "doughnut"). We've been going there since my girls were little. I remember thinking, "Who eats donuts? They are not healthy. And with the Atkins diet craze I bet no one goes there." But the place is always crowded. The same owners have been there for over 10 years and start preparing my order when they see me coming in the front door. They know what I'm going to order. On weekends I see little kids still in their pajamas eating at the small kid-sized tables. There are photos on the wall of customers enjoying their breakfast and my kids like to find the photos of themselves and their friends.

The owners don't ask me questions about myself. They aren't nosy. They just notice me. They remember what I like, what my husband likes and what my kids like. They notice when I get my hair cut. They notice that my kids are growing. They notice when my kids change their mind and order something new. And sometimes they throw in some extra donut holes just "because."

Somehow this donut shop has created a sense of family. So when another donut shop opened nearby I didn't even want to try it. And when I'm out of the area and go to other donut shops I compare it to the one where "my family" is.

The funny thing is: these aren't the best donuts I've ever eaten. They are just "okay." But I'd miss seeing my family if I didn't go there.


Holly Paulson said...

I am LOVING your blog! Found you when I read the NY Times article, and being a Keller mo, to, googled you. :) Having a small business myself, I am going to be reading and re-reading your sales tips- it's all great advice!
But, I want to know- which Donut Shop do you love so much? In the Tom Thumb Center? I'd love to give them my biz.

Zan Jones, Founder of Sales JaZ said...

Holly - the Donut Shop is in the Kroger parking lot at Rufe Snow and North Tarrant Parkway next to Foster Cleaners. Thanks for reading my blog! Us Keller Moms/small biz owners have to stick together!