Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Nail Salon that Missed the Point

Who do you think this sign is advertising? Yep - Kroger! And the nail salon directly behind the sign is missing a nice advertising opportunity.

Marketing research shows that any mention of your name or product, whether positive or negative, can increase brand awareness and sales.

One of the largest neuromarketing research studies ever conducted studied the effect of tobacco warning labels and warning ads on the behavior of smokers. Even though most smokers checked "yes" when asked if tobacco warning labels worked, brain scan results (using the fMRI) showed that cigarette warning labels activated the nucleus accumbens in the brain, also known as the "craving spot," and encouraged people to light up. One of the largest anti-smoking campaigns ever actually caused an increase in cigarette sales.

In the case of the parking lot sign, I argue that this is a subliminal ad for Kroger. Kind of like when an actor pops a Coke can in a movie and you suddenly feel the need to run to the snack bar. And kind of like this sign in Florida made me want to do the opposite of what it said. But it also makes the nail salon look a little bitter. Do you really think a women going to her nail appointment is not going to come in because the parking space directly in front of the salon is taken?

Instead the sign should say, "Not Nail Salon Advertising."

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