Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Birthday Effect

I had a wonderful birthday last week. It was a REALLY busy work day plus I had a doctor appointment for my daughter, after school kid chauffeuring to do and dinner with friends and family. I love going to the gym and find that I skip it when life gets busy. But I went to the gym on my birthday because, well, it was MY BIRTHDAY, and I felt entitled to do what I wanted to do. I felt special. As a matter of fact, I felt entitled to do as I pleased (in a humble sort of way) for the entire day. I even thought people might know it was my birthday by looking at me. Isn't that silly?

Think about how you feel on your birthday? Here are some words that come to mind when I think about how I feel on my birthday: special, happy, thankful, excited, giddy, unique, acknowledged, appreciated and noticed.

How can you make your customers feel this way? How can you create the Birthday Effect for your customers?

Part of the Birthday Effect is that it only lasts one day. It has a clear beginning and end. It doesn't last long enough for you to truly get used to the feeling. Maybe that's part of the charm? It lasts just long enough to leave you looking forward to next year.

Until next year I'm going figure out how to implement the Birthday Effect with my customers. And if all else fails, I know how to bake a tasty chocolate cake and light candles!

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kay | poster printing said...

Hi, Belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good one. I came across your blog while researching. I think making your customers feel that its their birthday whenever they step into your store/shop will definitely be an awesome strategy for business owners, and it will definitely make customers come back for another visit.