Friday, October 16, 2009

Jazz Up Your Sales with Novelty, Surprise & Celebrity

I just lost my child in a weather balloon and he's flying over Colorado! A woman just delivered 8 babies! Someone just interrupted Taylor Swift receiving her VMA Award!

I've been reading an advanced copy of Own the Room: Business Presentations That Persuade, Engage and Get Results where I read that "our brains are hardwired to pay attention to novelty and surprise." I'd like to add that we pay attention to "celebrity" also.

What do you do in your business to surprise (and delight) your customers? Do you respond quickly? Provide free shipping? Call to check up on them? CareNow, the medical clinic near my house, called me the day after I was there with a sinus infection to see how I was feeling. I was shocked!

What tidbit will your customers tell others when talking about you? Do you have an unusual hobby? Are you a twin? Were you in a different profession and switched to your current business because of life changing event? My daughter's teacher used to work in a family business but always wanted to teach. When her family sold the business she became a teacher - a little later in life. She told us this story at Meet the Teacher Night. I've told a ton of people her story.

How are you a celebrity? Do you have a famous friend or family member? Did you work for someone before they became famous? Have you been on TV? Has your picture been in the paper? Were you quoted in a magazine? Do you advertise on TV or in the newspaper? Are you president of an association or group? Our local Chamber of Commerce has ribbon cuttings for new businesses. Photos from these events are frequently featured in the newspaper. I see my accountant in these pictures all the time and ask her for her autograph every time I see her.

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