Friday, April 11, 2008

Donald Trump has it all Wrong

I admit I loved the Celebrity Apprentice show this season - but I disagree with Donald Trump selecting the unlikeable Piers Morgan as the winner. Piers won the challenges and raised the most money for his charity but managed to tick people off along the way. He came across as ruthless, arrogant and disrespectful; traits which he accused Donald Trump of having.

To jazz up your sales in the short-term you can take the "Piers Morgan, in your face, I'm smart and your dumb" attitude. Obviously it worked for Piers. But to sustain jazzy sales you have to take the "Trace Adkins, let's collaborate, aw-shucks, nice guy" attitude. People will only buy once from a person or a company they don't like. Customers learn fast. And just because you are likeable doesn't mean you aren't business savvy. Quite the contrary. Being likeable means you REALLY get the big picture.

I recently read the premiere issue of SUCCESS magazine where Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz says, "Success should not be measured in dollars. It's about how you conduct the journey and how big your heart is at the end of it." I'm not sure I agree with his comments about dollars (revenue is key!) - but I do agree with the intent of his statement. And that is, your character and integrity are ways to measure your success because they produce trust and loyalty with your customers.


Robin said...

Great blog, Zan. I will read it regularly. I learned a lot!! Thanks for your hard work - Robin

parhatsathid said...

Look at it this way, the damages to the world bought about by corporate disregard to the environment, killing hundreds of thousands of people from Vioxx, untold millions of brain damaged caused by mercury vaccines in name of money is that the "public" approves of unethical behavior indirectly by favoring money over unethical behavior as their choice. Think of it this way, since a majority of people in U.S. supported Piers Morgan for Trump's decision to win and with many people like these taking over the corporate world it is no wonder the issue of ethics takes the back seat. Now millions more will die if we get these people to become politicians. Donald Trump, Piers Morgan can be said as the symbolism for our world's plight. While people may love Adkins, they will hire Morgan. If there is any enemy then it is us.