Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to Sell to Someone Who Doesn't Want to Be Sold To!

Isn't this just about everybody?

Most people don't like to be "sold." They like to feel their decision to buy is based on objective information that they gathered. Many buyers will even refuse to interact with you and aren't forthcoming about their needs and wants. As a small business owner the enthusiasm you have for your product or service may not be shared by others. And your enthusiasm about your business can make you appear PUSHY!

So here are some tips for jazzing up your sales to buyers who "don't want to hear the pitch:"

  • When talking about your product/service only introduce one topic at a time. Be prepared to go into deep detail about a topic - and no bull#$%! - stick with straight facts.

  • Don't interrupt your customer when he is talking. People will feel better about buying if they feel understood.

  • Don't interpret silence as agreement. But don't ask, "So, what are you thinking?" Instead say, "Is there some more information I can provide to you?"

  • Don't be too peppy or cute! Get to the point, know your stuff and take your customer seriously. Some people don't like small talk.

  • Follow through with your promises. Sometimes people don't want to be sold because they don't trust you (yet) and feel skeptical of your claims. You cannot expect someone to trust you because you say, "Trust me...." or "To be honest with you...."

    Instead, if you say, "I'll call you tomorrow with the information," - then call - no exceptions. Even if you have to say, "I don't have the information yet but I promise to call you by Friday with the information."

  • When possible, provide information to your customer in advance. This will help him begin to research his purchase on his own and feel more secure with his final decision.

  • Respect people's time. If you show up to a prospects office and he looks busy - ask when would be a better time to call or come by - and then leave.

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