Monday, April 10, 2006

How Blogs Help Your Small Biz

Not only are blogs helpful for communication on short-term projects or during crisis management but they are useful in creating long-term relationships to help gain and maintain clients. Here are 6 ways a blog will help your small biz:

1. It establishes you as an expert in your industry.

2. They provide instant feedback by allowing readers to respond to your posts. Client likes and dislikes are revealed in an open, honest forum.

3. You can have a web-based presence without having a website. Blogs are inexpensive to set up and most blog service providers offer jazzy templates that have a professional appeal.

4. Seasonal issues can be addressed that provide readers with valuable information in a timely fashion. A landscaping service might provide quick tips and reminders on when it's time to cut back the crepe myrtle trees in your yard. An accountant may provide tax reminders as April 15th approaches.

5. The best small business blogs focus on content and interactivity and not gossip or rants.

6. Blogs provide a personal approach that lets your customers get to know you and help humanize your organization.

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